The Probe

(360 Virtual Reality)

6 min, 2017

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

An automated space probe named "Annie Em" encounters an extraterrestrial spacecraft on Titan. This is the story of Earth's first fully aware and functioning artificial intelligence. Too bad Earth will never know.


The Disappeared

14 min, 2014

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

A private investigator named Scatter Rodriguez uncovers the existence of the apparitions of people reported missing called "The Disappeared" while investigating a case of corporate espionage. Scatter begins to see"visions" of the enigmatic beings as he discovers the focus of his new clients interest involves alien technology.


Silent Threat: Prelude

16 min, Copyright 2012

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

Silent threat tracks the stories of different characters who use a social media website for UFO abductees called "Silent Threat". Pete Winston, a former freelance news reporter, uses the Silent Threat site to submit a video testimonial of an incident in which he discovers a crashed UFO in Iowa thirty years earlier. Silent Threat Prelude is the world premiere of the first chapter of a websiode of the same name.


The Secret Life of Coins

3 min, Copyright 2009

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

A quarter dollar tries to find love in the form of a tootsie roll in a local disco populated by a community of inanimate objects under a bed in a New York apartment. What do inanimate objects do when their living hosts are not around? What do coins do when their human owners leave the house? These are questions posed by this whimsical computer animated film short.


Storage Unit # 57

21 min, Copyright 2006

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

Frustrated by the separation with his wife and the monotony of his job, a storage facility worker named IZZY LOPEZ begins to see apparitions in a storage locker labeled storage unit # 57. When a mysterious character named REED hires Izzy to deliver packages for him, he discovers that Reed is deceased and there is a supernatural connection between Reed and a girl named Nancy, his daughter.



18 min, Copyright 2004

Directed by Aldo Romero and Kendall Brown

RESURGENCE is a documentary which serves as a reflection of New York as a city a in the aftermath of 9/11. The Slam poetry of Sharrif Simmons, of HBO's "Def Poetry Jam", is juxtaposed over still images and video footage to convey the feelings and political atmosphere of New York during the crisis. Filmed weeks after the attacks during a vigil at New York's Union Square, we see this cultural gathering as a life affirming event.

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