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Excerpts from the industrial, "INTRO TO INDIE PIX" courtesy of Indie Pix Films. Excerpts from the film, "OUR WOMEN, OUR STRUGGLE", courtesy of Melissa Montero. Excerpts from the Comedy Skit, "SD3" , courtesy of Neo World Productions. Excerpts from the feature film, "FOR LOVE OR MONEY;SPANISH HARLEM", courtesy of dR3 Productions. Excerpts from the feature film, "VODKA ROCKS", courtesy of Skuflix, L.L.C. Excerpts from the film, "NORMAN NORMAL", courtesy of Abnormal Productions. Excerpts from the films, "CUBICLE GENIUS" & "DISSOLVE", courtesy of Dead Awakenings Productions. Excerpts from the film, "THE FINAL EQUATION" and the webisode, "SINGULARITY", courtesy of Eschaton Films. "SMALL MIRACLES", courtesy of Small Miracles LLC. The Speaker" courtesey of Prosper Digital.
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