"Finally, a great indie horror film" Jackie Lewis - Film Fan


Dead Awakenings Productions Presents


Color, 21 min, Copyright 2006

Directed By Aldo Romero

Produced by Aldo Romero, Suzanne Sitelman & Jovannei Arroyo

Screenplay by Aldo Romero


"STORAGE UNIT #57" is the story of IZZY, a storage facility worker with inner demons. Frustrated by the separation with his wife and the monotony of his job, Izzy begins to see apparitions in a storage locker labeled storage unit # 57. One night, Izzy receives a phone call from a mysterious character named REED who hires Izzy to deliver packages for him. When Izzy enters the storage unit and finds the package, he encounters the apparition of a bloody woman standing by a crate with something living inside! He also discovers an unsettling truth about Reed. Izzy delivers the package to the post office as directed, but upon his return to the job, he Izzy sees NANCY, the same bloody woman from his vision, very much alive. Izzy discovers there is a supernatural connection between this phantom of a dead man and a girl named Nancy who turns out to be his daughter. Izzy develops a relationship with Nancy after saving her during a robbery. But the relationship takes a bizarre turn when the supernatural apparition of Reed returns to haunt him.

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