Directed by Aldo Romero

Produced by Aldo Romero, Maureen Wolff and Kendall Brown

Starring Delissa Reynolds and Rene Ojeda~


“SIMULATOR” is a science fiction thriller in the tradition of “Twilight Zone“ about a computer game that becomes too real when elements of its artificial intelligence become self aware, the prerequisite for true intelligence. LIZ is the estranged girlfriend of “TOM, THE USER”, a computer designer who has developed an interactive computer game called SIMULATOR. Now that the relationship has ended, Liz returns to Tom’s loft to extract the password to their mutual bank account so she may retrieve her half of her investment in the game. Unable to access the password after an argument with Tom, She comes across the simulator game and begins to play it. As she becomes more intrigued by Simulator, she discovers that the game mimics her and the environment around her. This includes a life sized promotional mock up of a robot named DRAX. As Liz begins to play simulator, the games artificial intelligence becomes self aware and begins to control the robot body and begins to stalk Liz. Liz attempts to escape the stalking robot only to meet an unexpected fate.


Aired as part of show "Reel New York".


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