Color, 18 min, Copyright 2004

Produced by Aldo Romero and Kendall Brown

Directed by Aldo Romero and Kendall Brown

RESURGENCE is a documentary which serves as a reflection of New York as a city a in the aftermath of 9/11. Slam poetry is juxtaposed over still images and video footage to convey the feelings and political atmosphere of New York during the crisis. Filmed weeks after the attacks, RESURGENCE utilizes imagery and slam poetry to convey the pain, anger, sadness and conviction towards a resolve of individual New Yorkers as Americans.

Much of the footage, filmed during in the days and weeks after the attacks capture the feeling of New Yorkers at the time. Much of the footage was shot at Union Square as an improvised vigil formed there when a college student began to draw on the ground of the park. Passersby began to get involved and accelerate what was started by the student with drawings and writings. This evolved into the infamous "Union Square Vigils" which turned into a cultural event which included music and performance in this gathering of artists, musicians and anyone needing to express themselves. It was the ultimate expression of democracy. What had its origins in one of the most tragic events in American History evolved into a rebirth or resurgence. It reaffirmed the positive rather than the negative.


This filmed evolved in the much the same spontaneous way. Film makers Kendall Brown and Aldo Romero had no other response to the tragic events except for the only response a film maker can have, to make a film about it. If film is the medium of artistic expression and communication, what better occassion is there to express our reaction to this most human of experience.


The Poetry is performed by the acclaimed slam poet, Sharrif Simons, who has appeared on HBO's "Def Poetry Jam". Many social and political themes emerge in the subtext of the piece through the pulsating slam poetry of Mr. Simmons.

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